What Are The Most Flexible Phone Covers

When your life is hectic and fast-paced, you rely on your phone to keep up. However, even if you keep your mobile with you everywhere, it isn’t always up to the task, which is why a sturdy phone case is a must-have phone accessory. If you can’t have one, your glass screen is at high risk of getting a break or shattering every time you drop it. Protective cases, on the other hand, can do more for you than just save your phone. Also, they can be used as a fashion statement, and some even double as a wallet to keep your credit cards safe. While looking after a new phone case, you must consider how frequently you drop your phone again n again.

The iCatchy tested a variety of phone cases, and also many consumer testers try them out for a few days to determine the best phone cases on the market. From there, we chose the best-rated phone cases (along with a few best-sellers and editor favorites), as well as a few best-sellers and editor favorites from popular brands. When seeking a brand new phone case, consider how instantly you drop your phone. Some phone cases develop with built-in screen protectors, while others are designed to look nice in an Instagram photo only. If you have a newer iPhone and want to use wireless charging, be sure your case supports it.

(Unless otherwise stated, all of the phone cases listed below are high-quality flexible phone covers. Few cases also come with wireless charging.) Some of the phone cases on our list also have additional features like waterproofing and dual-layer screen protection.

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1# Symmetry Series is the best overall phone case.

The icatchy Symmetry provides the same level of protection that you’ve come to expect from the icatchy Defender Series, but without the bulk. The ultra-thin and protective design is ideal for slipping into your pocket. The icatchy + Pop iPhone case, which comes with a swappable Pop Socket for easy holding — meaning you’ll be less likely to drop it on your face while in bed — is one of the many color and style options available in the Symmetry Series.

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The Incipio DualPro is the ideal blend of slim fit and high protection. It’s too comfortable to hold, and you’ll definitely be going to thanks to its super-soft shell and flexible buttons. You can’t go wrong with this simple, elegant, and (most crucially) inexpensive phone case here.

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Wallet for Presidio

The Speck Presidio wallet is a hardcover simple wallet designed to hold up to three credit cards, though we found that four cards and some cash would suffice. While it won’t accommodate your whole wallet, this protective case will keep the essentials close to reach. It’s really tough and keeps its shape after you’ll remove the cards, which is simple thanks to the cut-out. Please keep in mind that this phone case is not compatible with wireless charging.

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Clear Piccadilly Case

Gear 4’s Piccadilly is a simple, no-frills phone cover. This case will do an excellent job of showcasing your device, thanks to its thin-fit design and clear back. It’s flexible and light, yet it still provides drop protection thanks to a raised edge and side grips.

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This remarkably tiny phone case has a built-in backup battery that lasts for almost 30 hours. The Mophie Juice Pack Access case wirelessly charges your device while allowing you to use wired headphones through the lightning connection. You can also charge your device by pressing the on/off button.

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