How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone Cover In 2021?

Mobile phone covers today serve a greater purpose than simply protecting your smartphone from cracks and scratches. Youngsters and people who are interested in fashion look at it from an aesthetic point of view. If today you were to go to a phone cover shop and ask for a simple looking case, I can assure you that all the eyeballs at the shop will be scrutinizing and judging you harshly by the end of your purchase.

You could even hear one or two comments like,” Does he belong to the prehistoric era?” or something like “She’s not got any sense of fashion”. But for you, it’s only a cover to protect your damn phone, which you have probably dropped on the floor a hundred times.

The sad part is that, in 2021, when people buy a smartphone, the first thing that crosses their mind is what color of cover will go with their party wear. Or if a leather phone cover will add an edge to their personality.

Unless you are looking to walk the ramp at the Lakme Fashion Week in Paris, you should keep the design part of it aside. On a regular office day or at a weekend pool party, a rugged and waterproof phone cover is really what you need. But that’s not it.

We have curated a list of essential factors that you should choose to shield your smartphone from all possible accidents and scratches.

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Durability Of Mobile Cover

Depending on your smartphone, there are a handful of things that may be important to you. But I feel durability is what any smartphone user should be looking for unless you like to buy a new phone cover every few weeks or months. At the end of the day, we are trying to protect our phones. And by doing so we don’t have to spend a fortune on new phones every year. So now, if you choose a beautiful yet fragile cover, how long do you think it will last?

When you buy from an established and trustworthy brand like, your expenditure will turn into a long time investment. Check out the Alacatel A3 Shock Proof Case Cover. The sturdy thermoplastic material construction gives your phone complete protection. Moreover, the rugged structure helps in holding it firmly without slipping from your hands.

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Multi-Purpose Case

Multi-purpose cases are one of the best mobile phone cases out there. You can carry your credit cards, debit cards, cash, coins and slips. Having a multi-purpose mobile case saves you from carrying a bulky purse whenever you step out.

Moreover, they also give your smartphone all-rounded protection no matter how you carry it. Finally, check out the Alacatel A3 Plus 3G Case Cover that comes with accurate cutouts for different ports and buttons.

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Five Types Of Mobile Cases You Can Buy

While the factors of durability, storage and protection should be a priority for buying phone cases, you can check for these aspects too.

1.Mount/Stand: We are hooked to our phones 24/7. We seek something to hold them still while staring at the screen while sitting, standing or lying down. Most of us watch movies and series on our phones which calls for a stand or mount that can do the job.

2. Printed Cases: Design should not always be a priority, but you don’t have to dump the idea altogether. If you like to have a good and classy looking mobile cover, many online and offline stores like sell stylish mobile phone covers.

3. Hard Back Cases: While many of us care for protection, some people still like to keep their original style and look intact. Therefore the hardback case is a great choice that protects your phone from the back and borders yet keeps the trendy look open for everyone.

4. Battery Cases: If you are a professional who travels a lot for work or enjoys travelling, this is what you need. Battery cases are perfect for those who hate to carry a separate power bank all the time. Therefore, battery cases are multi-purpose and also provides additional storage.

5. Transparent TPU Cases: Mostly popular among the younger generation, these cases are in trend right now. Transparent cases are expected for iPhone users who like to show off their phones and is also stylish.

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No matter what factors you choose to prioritize, remember that spending on a phone cover is way better than running to and fro to the service centre. Moreover, you should get all your phone gear from legit sites that you can reach 24/7. is available at your fingertips and has a great collection of durable and classy phone covers to choose from.


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