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How To Protect Your Phone From Physical Damage

Your phone is one such electronic device that you carry with you wherever you go. They are like our constant companion which is susceptible to damage. Even though modern phones are highly durable, they are still very delicate devices. The most important part of your Smartphone, its screen is its most unsafe one. Dropping, bumping, moisture, and even high temperatures are the enemy of your phone. Hence it is essential to stick to some rules to protect your phone from physical damage.

In this article, we have mentioned a few effective tips that will help you protect your phone from physical damage. Let’s see what they are.

Invest in a screen protector to protect your phone from damage

If you own the latest Smartphone, you don’t have to worry about scratching your phone’s screen; the glass screens are made with anti-scratch and impact-resistant technologies. But this does not make it invincible. The screen can be accidentally damaged by bumps and falls. Hence it is wise to purchase a screen protector that can make your phone crack resistant.
Even very small objects like keys can scratch your screen. If you have a screen protector, it is easier and cheap to replace than replacing your Smartphone’s screen as a whole.

Purchase a good quality cover

In today’s world, people are so busy multitasking to get things done at a fast pace. Hence, they have a habit of sub-consciously dropping their Smartphone to the floor. Besides, you may accidentally bump your Smartphone to sharp objects like table corners and damage it severely.
If you protect your Smartphone with a good quality cover, you don’t have to worry about damaging it by careless actions.
You Smartphone cover will protect your device and increase its lifetime. Besides, the exterior will be more stylish and brand new even after you’ve used it for a long time.

Avoid extreme temperatures both hot and cold

Your Smartphone is an electronic device and both extreme temperatures hot and cold can damage your phone. They call melt away your Smartphone’s battery or even leave it useless. Hence, always make sure to avoid keeping your Smartphone in hot areas like under direct sunlight or inside a car. Also, make sure to keep your phone on a flat surface while it is plugged in; never place your Smartphone over any other electronic device while you are charging it.

Similarly, very cold temperatures can also be damaging to your battery and render it useless. You can experience issues like fast battery drain, loss of your data, and even severe damage to internal components.

A little common sense can save you from burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, if your Smartphone gets exposed to extreme temperatures, do not cool them suddenly; make sure to reduce its temperature gradually.

Hold your Smartphone firmly

One of the major reasons why you drop your Smartphone accidentally most of the time is because you are holding it carelessly. Always make sure to hold your Smartphone with a firm grip. Don’t even think about holding your gadgets like your phone, laptop, or tab loosely because they are too delicate. Besides, replacing them will cost you are a fortune.
Also, make sure to place them properly on any surface; avoid flinging your phone or placing it at the edge of the table.

Avoid contact with water to protect your smartphone from damage

Do not place your phone in wet places or near beverages. This is because water can enter inside the Smartphone and cause it to malfunction. Be extra careful when you are at the beach or while it is raining. Do not place the phone on the table where drinks are being served as they can spill and cause physical damage to your phone.
Even your phone’s screen is susceptible to moisture and can become water damaged in the foggy. To avoid this from happening, do not expose your phone in foggy weather.

protect your phone from physical damage

Get your Smartphone insured

This is another important method to minimize the damage to your Smartphone. Your phone is a very delicate piece of gadget that you carry along with you. Hence some damage is bound to happen over a long period. So, it is essential to get your phone insured so that you do not have to pay to replace the damaged components.
A newly bought Smartphone is insured for the next 180 days but if your phone gets cracked or shattered later, you need to pay for it. To avoid paying the cost of the damaged components, it is best to extend your phone’s insurance.

Protect your phone from physical damage

These are the important points that you should remember to protect your phone from physical damage. As mentioned, it is essential to protect your phone using a cover and screen guard. iCatchy is a popular brand with premium quality phone case cover that have passed the military-grade standards. Visit and purchase a cover for your Smartphone that can fit it perfectly.