iPhone 13 Case: Top 4 Factors You Cannot Ignore While Shopping Online

iPhone 13 cases are just as much trending as the smartphone itself. Apple launched the series in a virtual event, after which the pre-order sales have gone up like never before. iPhones today hold more than just their name. Besides loyal Apple customers, many android owners are taking a keen interest in owning an iPhone.

Today, the iPhone is a powerful mini machine in its own right. From high definition image quality to environment-friendly packaging, you get it all. The prices of iPhones have always been on the higher end of the scale, which many don’t feel justified. Apart from that, iPhones have amazing processors that can enable you to do your tasks twice the speed of an android (many debates on that as well).

But then again, who’s comparing here? Moreover, if you got your brand new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or the Pro Max in your hand right now, you’re probably hunting down the internet for the best cases to protect your invaluable gadget.

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Top 4 Factors To Look For While Shopping Online For Your iPhone 13 Case

The factors will most probably depend on what is the most important thing to you as a user. It could be the stylish design to rev up your latest iPhone, which you so endearingly bought. Or a thick hardcover to insure your iPhone from all sorts of external shocks and bumps.

However, we have some recommendations from our end, which we hope will help decide what you should look for while shopping for iPhone 13 case.

1) Check Online Reviews

We know you were waiting to read something like toughness or durability here. However, that will not be possible if you are purchasing your iPhone 13 case online. Therefore, the first criteria for you would be to rely on the online reviews you read.

So wait for a few days till you see a substantial number of reviews on phone cases you are interested in buying. Check out icatchy.com as we have a rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot and close to a hundred reviews.

2) Look Up The Manufacturer Online

While iPhone 13 cases will be brand new in the market, their online pictures and praises might not be trustworthy. Therefore, lookup for the manufacturer online. Check for their previous products, ratings from past customers, and past reviews in smartphone cases.

Find their customer care number if they have it or any address. This way, you will get a good idea about the manufacturer, which can help you decide while shopping for your phone case.

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3) Product Information

One thing that determines the authenticity of your iPhone 13 cases is to what length have the seller displayed the information. Manufacturers that sell low-end phone cases will barely have much information about the iPhone 13 case, and they only want to sell off their products and get away with it.

A good online seller will be trustworthy right from the first time, and they will take great pains to write each detail about the product. Moreover, if you are lucky, you may get a warranty period too.

4) Free Shipping And Easy Return Policy

A good online seller will always be on your side first and then look for their profits. If you are buying your iPhone 13 case online, check if the seller provides you with free shipping as a benefit. But of course, free shipping alone does not qualify to trust the seller.

But most good manufacturers try giving you one because they believe in retaining their customers for a long time. At icatchy.com, we give you these benefits with a hundred percent money-back guarantee.

Secondly, check if the seller has a return policy or not. If they say they don’t take any returns or exchanges, then steer clear of them. However, if they are happy to take your product back, you can go for them if you are not happy with it or provide an exchange.


These are some of the top factors you should consider while shopping for your iPhone case online. Moreover, you should go for cases that are trendy or comes with shock absorption.

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